Our Community

Love for the land, our families, our friends and our food – that’s what fuels our CommonGround community. Scroll down to learn where our volunteers are located, or Contact Us to get involved.

CommonGround South Carolina

Marie Bolt

Anderson, South Carolina

Our Farm: alfalfa, cattle, chickens, sheep

My Work: farmer, wife, mom, agriculture teacher and FFA advisor

My Hobbies: working with cattle, kayaking, photography, shoes, cleaning and organizing

Ask Me About: animal science, food safety

About Me: My husband and I were both raised on farms, so it’s no surprise that we have a love for agriculture. We are thankful that we were given the opportunity to be raised in a farm environment and have the opportunity to raise our children in the same environment.

Twitter: @M_O_Bolt

Caci Nance

York, South Carolina

Our Farm: dairy cattle

My Work: farmer, wife, mom, environmental-outreach coordinator for a government agency, sales representative

My Hobbies: baking, sewing, crafting, being a livestock show mom, networking

Ask Me About: caring for our dairy cows

About Me: In our family, we consider our free time to be anytime we are headed to a livestock show. When we go to shows, I love networking with others involved in agriculture and learning how they do things differently than we do on our farm. I also love spreading the positive message of modern agriculture to others who are disconnected from rural America to help them understand what we do to produce safe, wholesome food.

Facebook: SC Farm Wife

Twitter: @scfarmwife

Blog: www.SCFarmWife.com

YouTube: thedairyfarmerswife