Crystal Blin: What good thing from last year will you take with you?

Crystal joined a mastermind with other entrepreneurs to help take her family’s small businesses to the next level.

At this time last year, we found out that my husband, Jon, had cancer. Thankfully it was very treatable, and he is now cancer-free. When an event like that happens it reminds you that life is short and encourages you to take bigger leaps. Jon and I had just started our own boutique marketing company specializing in media called Hundred Acre Media, and we also own and operate a farm where we raise beef cattle, corn and soybeans. We were looking for people who could help us take our businesses to the next level. 

After some research, we decided to join a business mastermind. The group includes people from across the U.S. who represent a wide array of industries including jewelry, photography, marketing and agritourism. We’re all small business owners sharing our own struggles and ideas through monthly Zoom calls. It’s been so good to bounce ideas off of peers. When we share an issue out loud, it becomes less of a hurdle than we thought it was. When the other group members hear our problems, they have feedback we never would have considered. In turn, we are able to give different ideas to the group based on our perspective in agriculture and our marketing experience. 

It reminds me that we can learn so much by looking outside of ourselves, and even outside of our industry, for inspiration and advice. I grew up watching people from small towns rally together and support each other. There are always individuals willing to think outside the box. Jon and I both like to find those people, work with them, and bring those ideas to fruition together.