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Love for the land, our families, our friends and our food – that’s what fuels our CommonGround community. Scroll down to learn where our volunteers are located, or Contact Us to get involved.

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Amy Robinette

Pinetops, North Carolina

Our Farm: Beef Cattle     

My Work: Busy body, mom, farmer

My Hobbies: Travel

Ask Me About: Animal welfare, Antibiotics and animal health, Farm ownership, Food prices, Food safety, GMO foods, Hormones in meat and milk, Organic and local foods, Sustainability              

About Me: My family, including my two children, McKayla and Caden, husband, Patrick, and my parents raise beef cattle in North Carolina. We own a USDA meat processing facility and I also work off the farm as a school counselor. As a meat processor I work closely with the USDA, and I understand the importance of food safety from farm to table. I love sharing the story of our farm with others.


Facebook: Amy Harris Robinette // Micro Summit Processors // Harris-Robinette Beef

McKayla Robinette

Pinetops, North Carolina

Our Farm: Beef Cattle

My Work: Farmer and Rural Sociologist

My Hobbies: Movies, Reading, Travel, Writing

Ask Me About: Farm ownership, Sustainability              

About Me: I raise beef cattle in North Carolina with my brother, parents and grandparents when I’m not at Auburn University studying for my graduate degree. Our farm recently celebrated its 100th birthday! It’s been an honor to farm on the same land my family has farmed for generations and continue to improve it. Through my farm work and my academic research, I have closely studied how the lack of trustworthy information can negatively impact both producers and consumers. I want to share the food process with consumers to encourage stronger understanding and bridge the divide between the farmer and the people they feed.           

Twitter: @mckaylarose99

LinkedIn: McKayla Robinette