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Love for the land, our families, our friends and our food – that’s what fuels our CommonGround community. Scroll down to learn where our volunteers are located, or Contact Us to get involved.

CommonGround South Carolina

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Marie Bolt

Anderson, South Carolina

Our Farm: alfalfa, cattle, chickens, sheep

My Work: farmer, wife, mom, agriculture teacher and FFA advisor

My Hobbies: working with cattle, kayaking, photography, shoes, cleaning and organizing

Ask Me About: animal science, food safety

About Me: My husband and I were both raised on farms, so it’s no surprise that we have a love for agriculture. We are thankful that we were given the opportunity to be raised in a farm environment and have the opportunity to raise our children in the same environment.

Twitter: @M_O_Bolt

Caci Nance

York, South Carolina

Our Farm: dairy cattle

My Work: farmer, wife, mom, environmental-outreach coordinator for a government agency, sales representative

My Hobbies: baking, sewing, crafting, being a livestock show mom, networking

Ask Me About: caring for our dairy cows

About Me: In our family, we consider our free time to be anytime we are headed to a livestock show. When we go to shows, I love networking with others involved in agriculture and learning how they do things differently than we do on our farm. I also love spreading the positive message of modern agriculture to others who are disconnected from rural America to help them understand what we do to produce safe, wholesome food.

Facebook: SC Farm Wife

Twitter: @scfarmwife


YouTube: thedairyfarmerswife

Jennifer Wimberly

Branchville, South Carolina

Our Farm: beef cattle, coastal hay, corn, cotton, oats, peanuts, pigs, wheat

My Work: farmer, wife, mom, consultant pharmacist

My Hobbies: arts and crafts, cooking, scrapbooking, travel

Ask Me About: food prices, organic and local foods

About Me: I am proud to say my husband and I are fifth-generation farmers and raising the sixth on our family’s diversified farm. Although working day in and day out with family can be challenging, the rewards by far outweigh the hard times. We are a team with one common goal: sustaining the future of agriculture by feeding and fueling our world. As a farmer, I feel that if we don’t share our story, someone else will, and they won’t tell it right.