We are women farmers who love to connect with other women about food, work, family, and how we find peace and love in this crazy life. We invite you into our farms and our lives because that’s where we think women thrive best. Together.

Our Featured Blogs

May 25, 2023

Paula’s Stress Strategy: Take a Timeout

Everyone has stress. As Paula points out, resiliency stems from discovering what brings us peace.

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May 20, 2023

Our Hungry Italian Honey Bees

Sara shares 3 little-known facts about honey bees that only beekeepers can tell you.

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April 27, 2023

An Urban Meets Rural Story: Unlikely Friends Become Besties

Sarah Bedgar grew up in a rural Maryland town with one stop sign. Tara Beziat was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Their friendship thrives ...

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Together We Stand

We have 250 women farmers in CommonGround. We’re just like other women all over the world. We work hard to nurture our families, our crops, our animals, our careers and ourselves. As we’ve grown, we’ve discovered something valuable about being women: We need each other.