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Rachel Gray: Tell us about a good thing from 2021 that you plan to take with you?
After surviving a severe drought, Minnesota farmer Rachel Gray says to always talk to other people and watch for new ways to do things. ...
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Crystal Blin: What good thing from 2021 will you take with you?
Crystal joined a mastermind with other entrepreneurs to help take her family's small businesses to the next level.
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Addie Yoder: What good thing from 2021 will you take with you?
Addie’s new food solution saves her from the worst question of the day: “What’s for dinner?”
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Working with Dad: The Early Bird Gets the Best Tractor
Most family members call dibs on the last brownie. Krista and her dad squabble over one thing - her favorite tractor. Who knew that ...
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Dad vs. Brown Swiss: Who is Mary’s Superhero?
There is a country road that separates Mary’s grain farm from her parent’s dairy farm. She bridges them together through her food ...
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