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If there’s one thing farmers and ranchers can always rely on, it’s change. In our efforts to grow high-quality food and feed, there are a lot of things that get in the way. Diseases, weather, insects and weeds are shifting challenges that threaten our soil and crops every year. That’s why we’re always checking, scouting and ready to take action where it’s needed. We have to protect what we grow.

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Raising livestock is an incredible responsibility because these animals have an important purpose: they nourish us. Their well-being and comfort is a priority. It’s our job to provide for them under both normal conditions and extraordinary ones. This is why you’ll find farmers and ranchers like us to be students for life. We’re constantly making new observances or learning new ways to combat predators, diseases and difficult weather in order for our animals to thrive.

Please come along with us as we work to constantly improve and adapt our best practices based on the conditions we are given in different seasons. We can promise that there’s rarely a dull moment.


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