Everyone eats. But not everyone knows a farmer. We’re on a mission to change that! We invite you into our farms and our lives so you can see how we’re raising your food.

We’re Women

Did you know that 36% of farmers today are women? That’s a relatively new figure. While we’ve been here all along, the USDA recently revised the demographic data collected from farms to better capture the contributions of all persons involved in agricultural production.


Connecting with farmers and ranchers hasn’t always been easy. There are several reasons for that. For starters, farmers are only 1.3% of our working population. We’re a small crowd! Also, farmers mostly live in rural areas. So in order to connect with you, we have found that we must be very intentional about it.

Why do we want to connect? Because people naturally have a lot of questions about their food. So we gathered a variety of farmers and ranchers together to talk about it. Conventional and organic farmers. Large and small farmers. Grain farmers. Livestock farmers. Ranchers. Beans and produce farmers. We call our group CommonGround because we have so much in common with each other, and with you.

Come on in. See what we’re doing. Ask questions when you have them. We love to talk about our farms!