No two days are ever the same on our farms. From planting to harvest and all year-round, this is where we share our stories, our challenges and our wins. We invite you into it all.

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Sarah lives out her passions for soil and helping farmers raise great crops through her career as an agronomist in North Dakota. 
Most family members call dibs on the last brownie. Krista and her dad squabble over one thing - her favorite tractor. Who knew that generations of women have been driving tractors and semi-trucks
There is a country road that separates Mary’s grain farm from her parent’s dairy farm. She bridges them together through her food truck, soft-serve ice cream, cheese and tours.
Sarah lives out her passions for soil and helping farmers raise great crops through her career as an agronomist in North Dakota. 
After switching to rotational grazing, Lisa's cows are more tame, our soil is healthier, and the grass quality has improved.
For Morgan, raising top-notch corn in one of the windiest states of the U.S. is a lifelong, caring commitment.
Paula finds that the best way to improve her farm is to try new things and be inspired by others.
Lesley Schmidt and her family brought “chaos” to their shared gardens in Kansas. The results were worth the mysterious wait.
Texas farmer Julia Williams and her husband, Russell, have a conservation mindset. Putting that mindset into practice is not easy with sandy soil.
Paula Peterson loves farming. And taking care of their land. That’s why she works hard to ensure she leaves her land better than she found it.
Waste not, want not. Dairy farmer and crop doctor Amanda Miller has a prescription for crop health and sustainability.
Lauren’s family knows how to keep a good thing going. Their annual tradition, “Corn Day”, is a quest for peak sweet corn flavor, family togetherness and making a summer harvest last the whole
Sarah Bedgar grew up in a rural Maryland town with one stop sign. Tara Beziat was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Their friendship thrives through mutual respect because they are different.
As a business owner, wife, and mom, Wrenn’s world is in constant motion. She’s bravely sharing the returns on investing in her mental health in hopes that others will be brave as well.
Deer antlers, humidity and drought won’t stop Christmas at Cawley Family Farm.
Dawn Scheier bikes with a tight-knit group of friends. When somebody is struggling, they come alongside and overcome it together.
Growing up on a farm while going to a city high school made the path to full-time farming a unique one for Angela Guentzel.
This West Texas farmer and entrepreneur had a coffee shop business plan as a kid. Today, Purpose Coffee Co. provides great coffee for their community, and gives back to the overseas communities where
After foot surgery, farmer Joan Ruskamp became dependent on other people. As it turns out, that was okay.
Pam is an expert in the dairy industry. As the primary caretaker of newborn calves, she shares the hard work that goes into keeping calves healthy.
Being a mother, farmer and female entrepreneur is no easy task. Katie finds the reward is far worth the effort.
Stressful seasons and careers can consume us. Or they can play a part in building us up.
Even while fighting cancer, Rachel's mom was constantly making sure that everyone and everything was taken care of from the cattle to the kids.
Despite Carla’s zeal for an intense and busy life, fall is her craziest season of all because of harvest.
Seeing what Samantha, a preemie born at 29 weeks, has already overcome gives her mom Gina hope for future women farmers.
Women can feel pressure to fill a mold that doesn’t fit. Yet we have great role models who show us how to forge a new path that does.
If you’re curious about the adventures of Christmas trees before they get cut and decorated for the season, here’s a little glimpse behind-the-scenes with Amy Cawley at Cawley Family Farm in Maryland.
Kate Lambert, a Missouri farmer and Vice President of Marketing at FCS Financial, has turned a passion for community-building into a local pumpkin farm extravaganza.
According to Kelly, anyone can grow a green thumb. You simply need good inspiration and a smart plan.
Did you know that farmers have a tremendous variety of seeds to choose from each season? We have countless magazines and online resources available to peruse different features and benefits of each seed
There’s a story behind every fresh-cut Christmas tree you buy. And it likely centers around the unpredictability of summer weather.
My mom is the reason I fell in love with having a garden. I grew up in Baltimore, and ever since I was a little girl, I looked forward to the fresh lettuce,
Sara shares 3 little-known facts about honey bees that only beekeepers can tell you.
We tend to think that earning new job titles like “Partner” will cost us at home. Through feeding sheep and new market adventures, Elaine’s story tells us to invest wisely.
Most people know that cattle eat grass and hay. But how do they get the just-right amount of feed that they need all year?
Andrea Kientzy, a Missouri beef cattle and row crop farmer, has learned that being flexible is what can make things truly memorable.
Mother nature can be cruel. Joan reflects on the extra measures that can prevent the grief and hardship of losing cattle.
Today Katie is a farming entrepreneur in Kansas, but it all started with one lamb in 4th grade.
When cows get sick, farmers like Lynn and Dan work with a vet to get them well. But what about the milk? Lynn walks us through the process of milk safety starting at
Newborn calves on cattle farms are precious and miraculous. Helping their mamas labor is intimidating and essential. Kellie Blair brings you into that mixed-emotion experience on the blog today from Iowa.
Laura has been raising cattle in Iowa since she was 5. That’s why she has so much confidence with the safeguards we have in place regarding vaccinations for U.S. livestock.
It can be challenging to find peace amidst stress, but Paula proves it is possible and necessary.