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A Guide to Beef Labeling Rules and Regulations
By Kelsey Pope Navigating the confusing world of beef labels and packaging can be difficult, so I want to talk a little about how that ...
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3 Meat-Marketing Claims Explained
By Annie Carlson, third-generation farmer from Mercer, North Dakota Along with my husband and three children, I own and operate Morning ...
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Understanding Pesticides
By Julie Kenney Julie and her husband are corn and soybean farmers from Iowa I’m a farmer, and I’m a mom. And while most of my mom ...
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Day in the Life of Harvest, Perspective of a Farm Wife
By Sarah Wilson During harvest season on our family farm in Jamestown, North Dakota, my husband, Jeremy, and I split the family and ...
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Ask A Farmer Video
Have you ever wondered who is growing your food and if it’s safe? At CommonGround, we help you find the answers. Check out our latest ...
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What Makes an Exceptional Turkey?
By Katie Olthoff, a family turkey farmer from Stanhope, Iowa Exceptional turkeys start on the farm, which is why we work so hard on our ...
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The 411 on Cover Crops
By Kate Lambert Kate and her husband farm in north-central Missouri where they raise their two boys, row crops, cattle and sheep. Kate ...
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Grass-Fed and Grain-Fed Beef: A Comparison, Part Two
By Amy Robinette I run a grass-fed beef-cattle operation and processing facility in Micro, North Carolina. We market 2,000 head of ...
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